• Global Hot Rolled Steel Coil Market Future Plans and Opportunity Assessment 2022
    Post time: May-16-2022

    This practical and detailed Hot Rolled Steel Coil market report provides a clear picture of trade regulation, Hot Rolled Steel Coil market expansion, new product launches and innovations. It identifies Hot Rolled Steel Coil market trends and future market growth in the year 2022-2029. It also int...Read more »

  • Galvalume Steel Coil Market 2022: Future Demand, Market Analysis & Outlook upto 2027
    Post time: May-10-2022

    Galvalume Steel Coil Market 2022: Future Demand, Market Analysis & Outlook upto 2027 Galvalume Steel Coil Market: Overview The Global Galvalume Steel Coil Market report provides information about the Global industry, including valuable facts and figures. This research study explores the Globa...Read more »

  • Global Color Coated Steel Coil Market Size
    Post time: May-07-2022

    The global pre-painted steel coil market size is expected to reach USD 23.34 billion by 2030 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.9% from 2022 to 2030 Growth in e-commerce and retail activity is set to augur growth during this period. Pre-painted steel coils are used for roofing and wall pane...Read more »

  • 28 tons of galvanized sheet tiles, shipped to Djibouti.
    Post time: May-06-2022

    28 tons of galvanized sheet, shipped to Djibouti. Recently, we received a message from a customer who wanted to order a batch of galvanized sheet, size: 0.36*900/800*2440 We communicated very well and placed an order for us. After Labor Day on May 1st, the factory told us that the goods were read...Read more »

  • Introduction of color-coated aluminum steel coil
    Post time: Apr-28-2022

    Color-coated aluminum (color-coated aluminum steel coil), as the name suggests, is to colorize the surface of aluminum plate or (aluminum steel coil), the common ones are fluorocarbon color-coated aluminum (color-coated aluminum steel coil), polyester color-coated aluminum (color-coated aluminum ...Read more »

  • Why do many people choose galvalume steel sheet now?
    Post time: Apr-26-2022

    Galvalume steel has a silvery white ornate finish.   Heat reflective The thermal reflectivity of galvalume steel sheet is very high, twice that of galvanized steel sheet, and it is often used as a thermal insulation material.   Heat resistance Galvalume steel sheet plate has good heat r...Read more »

  • National steel production in March 2022
    Post time: Apr-19-2022

    In March 2022, the national production of crude steel was 88.300 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 6.40%, and the daily output was 2.8484 million tons per day, an increase of 6.39% from January to February. ton/day, the cumulative daily output from January to February increased by 3.13%; t...Read more »

  • 200 tons of color-coated steel coil/PPGI, sent to Mauritius.
    Post time: Apr-19-2022

    On April 19, we received an order from a customer who said he had watched the live broadcast of our 131st Canton Fair. Through our professional product explanation, he understands us and trusts us. Click on our official website to place an order inquiry + place an order for us. This order is 200 ...Read more »

  • How is the steel trend in the near future?
    Post time: Apr-13-2022

    The China Iron and Steel Association released a set of latest data. The data shows that in late March 2022, key statistics iron and steel enterprises produced a total of 23.7611 million tons of crude steel, 20.4451 million tons of pig iron, and 23.2833 million tons of steel. Among them, the daily...Read more »

  • Canton Fair
    Post time: Apr-07-2022

    The 131st China Import and Export Fair (“Canton Fair”) in 2022 will be grandly opened on October 15th. As the “barometer” and “wind vane” of China’s foreign trade, the Canton Fair attracts merchants from more than 200 countries and regions around the world to gather ...Read more »

  • The global steel market has changed, and India has entered the market to share the “cake”
    Post time: Mar-31-2022

    The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is pending, but its impact on the commodity market has continued to ferment. From the perspective of the steel industry, Russia and Ukraine are important steel producers and exporters. Once the steel trade is blocked, it is unlikely that domestic demand will underta...Read more »

  • Product introduction of stone coated roofing tiles
    Post time: Mar-29-2022

    The stone coated roofing tiles are made of high-tech, with a galvanized steel plate as the base material, with anti-fingerprint coating on it, which protects the aluminum-zinc layer, and the anti-fingerprint coating can make the galvanized steel For better bonding with colored sand particles, the...Read more »

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